Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to look through my work. I understand you may have a few questions so I thought I would do a bit of a blog post to hopefully answer some of the most common ones.

1.  When should I book a session?
At least a couple of months in advance but you can get in touch at any time. 

2.  What if my baby is born late or early? Will you still be able to fit me in then?
Keep in touch with me about your baby’s arrival. If they are early or late I will try and book you in another day. I only book a certain amount of shoots and certain days to ensure I have some flexibility for this reason.

3.  What age is best to book in for a newborn session?
If you would like a posed session and want curled up sleepy poses then you should book when Baby is 5-10 days old however similar poses can be achieved up to 4 weeks of age. I photograph babies at any age so still get in touch even if your baby is past the “newborn” phase.

4.  Do you include family and sibling photos?
Yes, sibling and family photos are included in the newborn session however if you would like to have the family/sibling photos as a separate session it can be arranged for a fee.

5.  What happens if you or we are sick?
If you are sick I ask that you reschedule for a day when you are all feeling better. If I am sick I will let you know and we can reschedule. No fees apply.

6.  What should I wear?
Wear comfortable and simple clothes that you still feel nice in. The studio is kept warm for your little one’s comfort, so make sure to wear cool/light clothing.

7.  What can I expect on the day?

  • On the day I will discuss with you the plan for the session and will just check how baby is doing.
  • I usually ask you to do a top up feed for baby after undressing just to make sure their belly is nice and full before starting the session.
  • I normally start with photographing baby but if siblings are involved in the session then this may change.
  • All props and outfits for baby are provided so there’s really not a need to bring too much other than the usual items you would take out when going out with baby.
  • Your baby may wake to feed throughout the session so expect a full session to take approx. 2-3hrs. Having a pacifier helps but is not a must. 

8.  What is the difference between a “Lifestyle” and a “posed” session?

  • A posed session is in the studio using a posing bean bag and props etc to get photos of baby in different positions.
  • A Lifestyle session is normally done in your own home or an outdoor location and captures your family and baby in a more natural way that is more candid. Some direction and ideas are given but this is to create a more relaxed environment and encourage natural interactions between family members.

9.  How long before I get to see my photos?
I normally have a gallery up for you to view within 2 weeks of your session. Your images and products will then be posted in the following weeks.

10.  Will I get high resolution images?
Yes, your images will be high resolution jpeg files suitable for large prints. You will have full permission to print and share with family and friends as you wish.


  • Something to also keep in mind is that some of the photos you see are composite images put together in Photoshop. This is done to minimize any potential risk and for the comfort of baby. I always ask parents what they are comfortable trying before going ahead with more complicated poses. 
  • Payment plans are available if you would like to pay your package off over time.

I hope I have been able to answer some of your questions!
x Veronica Molina


Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 1
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 2
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 3
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 4
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 5
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 6
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 7
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 8
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 9
Newborn baby photographer Brisbane - Photo 10