Baby twin photography sessions are so much fun! I absolutely loved capturing these two cuties in their first year. I have previously done their newborn photos and 3 month photos. This is a sample of their images from their 9 month photos. I could photograph these two all day!

Some tips on baby twin photography sessions:

– It’s easier to do photos before they are walking around or crawling for those sitter photos. Once they are crawling it is much harder to get them to stay still, and they usually don’t want to!

– For sitter sessions (especially twins) it’s good to keep things simple. Having to do too many changes or being overwhelmed by their environment can unsettle your baby. When you have twins, one baby can set of the other so it’s good to keep things simple for a smoother and more enjoyable session.

– As with any baby session try and work around your baby’s sleep times for best results. I personally find babies to be more settled and rested in the mornings, but not all babies are the same. So, you need to let me know what works for you.